Lead Smarty: Shortcuts to Your Goals.

The right information.
At the right time.
With the right approach.

Lead Smarty finds you the Leads and tells you when to call.

Event Driven Marketing & Sales

We all make cold calls, warm calls, door knock, network, visit trade shows, web marketing, email marketing all in the attempt to gain an opportunity to talk with a prospect about our company or our personal offering.

We are always either too late or too early. The timing is never quite right no matter how many times we keep in touch with people.

Lead Smarty was built by sales people that get it.

We get that making a call to a prospect at the right time and with the right knowledge & information will give you the upper hand over your competitors. We know that having a reason to call that is timely and relevant smooths the call and opens a dialogue that is warmer and more likely to lead to a meeting to talk in person.

Lead Smarty gives you the Leads and tells you when to call.

Free Lancers, Gig Job Workers, Indie Developers & Contractors

No more ceaseless surfing of websites, job boards, classified websites in search of short term gig jobs, freelance work, contract positions or exciting new projects.

Lead Smarty was designed for people who want to invest their time and energy in doing projects -- not looking for the next one.

Doing what you're good at is your strong suit. Prospecting, marketing and cold-calling, though? Maybe not. Now you can prospect by using the Leads you get from Lead Smarty. You can make a call or send an email based on a news event or a press release that is relevant to the prospects in your industry and in your market.

Event driven marketing and sales is all about you making a call at the right time -- a warm call, an informed call -- the kind of approach you have always wanted to make when prospecting.

Now you can ... with Lead Smarty!

Sales Managers & Business Owners

Sales managers want their teams to strike early and effectively on every excellent opportunity.

Sales managers know that a timely call to a prospect can lead to a meeting which can lead to a sale. Lead Smarty was built for sales people and sales managers.

Lead Smarty will not replace sales managers but it will give them the knowledge that they are not missing out on events and news announcements that could lead to a new piece of business.

Lead Smarty will enable a sales manager to forward a lead to their sales team and follow up on it to see if the lead turned into a meeting or sale.

You will never hear about a deal your competitors got just because they made a call at the right time armed with knowledge and ideas that Lead Smarty delivered to your in box.

Lead Smarty, for sales managers that are tired of being too late.

Lawyers, Accountants, HR Recruiters, Professional Sales Trainers & everyone else that sells something to someone (that’s all of us today)

Lead Smarty understands that everyone is looking for opportunities, some more aggressive in their approach than others. Simply knowing about events and corporate announcements that you can talk about when meeting with prospects brings a higher level of sophistication to you, the professional.

Your prospects and clients will be impressed that you are in the know about their industry, they will appreciate that you know what is going on and that you are trying to add value to their business.

When you sell your professional services there is the right approach to make at the right time. The best time to reach out to your prospects and clients is when they have made an announcement and you know your professional services will be needed.

Lead Smarty was designed by professional sales people that sell professional services, it was designed with you in mind.

Lead Smarty, for professionals that sell services!

Proudly Made in Canada For the World To Use