How it works.

The right information.
At the right time.
With the right approach.

That is what Event Driven Marketing & Sales is all about!

Tracks Your Prospect List

When you upload your prospect list to Lead Smarty, or use a list that we can provide for you from our mailing list and prospect list partner, you get a full time assistant looking for leads that you can take advantage of to get more meetings, provide more quotes, present more and close more business.

Lead Smarty will search day and night for events and corporate announcements that are relevant to you. Lead Smarty takes your prospect list and tracks it for you against millions of news stories, corporate activities and provides you with the leads that you can capitalize on.

Lead Smarty makes sure you get the lead with the news event, the contact name, the telephone number, email address enabling you to be golfing or on vacation and thereby never needing to remember to do it later. You can reach out to your prospect immediately with an extremely timely reason to connect.

Use Lead Smarty, don’t miss the leads that matter to you.

Precision and Timing

You know that more timely contacts with clients builds rapport and lands more meetings and sales.

It is simple in theory, but extremely time consuming, to track all of the events of the day. There are far too many news websites and too many press releases to get through.

Lead Smarty will send you the right Leads so that you can offer your services and products at the right time based on fresh off the presses announcements.

Lead Smarty finds leads based on your industry. Whether you sell products or services, Lead Smarty tracks important events for your industry, pinpoints what is important to you and sends you the leads.

Lead Smarty, Leads that are relevant to you!

24/7 Leads to Your In Box

Never read press releases again. No more news sites and alerts that don’t matter to you.

Stop printing news releases and articles and never following up on the news events because you are just too busy.

The prospect list that you are selling to is all that matters to you.

Lead Smarty knows what is relevant to you, Lead Smarty knows what makes a good lead for you. Lead Smarty only sends you what you want and need.

Event Driven Marketing & Sales is all about taking the leads that you get from Lead Smarty and capitalizing on these events to get more meetings and close more sales.

24/7 Leads by Lead Smarty

Proudly Made in Canada For the World To Use